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JP454 - 4000W RMS 4 Channel Amplifier - SILVER

JP454 - 4000W RMS 4 Channel Amplifier - SILVER

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P454 - 4-Channel 4000W RMS Amplifier

Discover Unparalleled Audio Quality: Experience superior audio performance with the JP 454 4-channel amplifier, featuring a 10Hz-21KHz frequency response and a 94dB signal-to-noise ratio for an extraordinary listening experience.

Impressive RMS Power Output: The JP 454 delivers 4000W RMS, offering 888W x 4 at 2 ohms, 454W x 4 at 4 ohms, and 1645W x 2 bridged at 4 ohms, making it the perfect choice for high-performance car audio setups.

Clipping Indicators: The JP 454 is equipped with SIGNAL Clipping IN and CLIPPING OUT indicators, enabling you to optimize your music without any distortion.

Tailor-Made & Adaptable Sound Options:

Multiple Filters: Customize your audio experience with the JP 454 amplifier's High Pass Filters (20Hz-800Hz) and Low Pass Filters (50Hz-800Hz), complete with Multiply x1 and x10 options for each filter. Bandpass Capability: The amplifier also supports bandpass operation, allowing you to choose specific frequencies to amplify for a tailored sound experience. CH1/2 & Ch3/4: With CH1/2 & Ch3/4, the JP 454 provides versatile speaker options to run various speakers concurrently, ensuring top-notch sound quality. User-Friendly & Handy Features:

Aluminum Remote Control: The JP 454 amplifier includes an aluminum remote control featuring Voltage and Temperature displays, as well as Thermal and Clipping indicators, providing total control over your audio experience. Working Voltage: The amplifier boasts a working voltage range of 9 to 15.5 volts, making it compatible with any vehicle. Damping Factor: With a damping factor of 170, the JP 454 ensures precise and controlled sound reproduction.

JP 454 Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 21KHz
  • Country of Origin: Korea
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 94dB
  • Damping Factor: 170 Input
  • Sensitivity: 6V – 0.2V
  • CH1/2 & Ch3/4 High Pass Filter: 20Hz – 800Hz High Pass Multiply: x1, x10 (200Hz-8KHz)
  • Low Pass Filter: 50Hz – 800Hz Low Pass Multiply: x1, x10 (500Hz-8KHz)
  • Bandpass Capable SIGNAL
  • Clipping IN & CLIPPING OUT Indicators
  • Aluminum Remote Control with Voltage and Temperature Display, Thermal and Clipping Indicators
  • Working Voltage: 9 to 15.5 Volts
  • CLIP IN: Red CLIP OUT: 0.5% THD (Blue), 5% THD (Violet), 10% THD (Red)
  • 4 - 0 gauge inputs


RMS Power Ratings:

  • 888W x 4 at 14.4V 2 Ohms
  • 454W x 4 at 14.4V 4 Ohms
  • 1645W RMS x 2 at 4 Ohms


  • Dimensions: 15.74"L x 9.37"W x 2.71"H
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