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Audio Ace WILD 12"

Audio Ace WILD 12"

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A new crowd Favorite.  The WILD 12" subwoofer is a perfect medium between our Joker and Jester. In the right situation it should perform Louder than the Joker BUT maybe not quite the low end extension of our Jester. The WILD offers a durable ribbed surround, tried and true 6 spoke basket, heavy duty bolted spider ring, and a High Temp 3" Copper Coil. 



Suggestion enclosure: 1.75- 2.25 cubic feet Ported 

Cutout Diameter: 11.375” OR 11-3/8”

1200 - 1500 watts RMS 

Dual 4 ohm coil 



RE: 7.00 ohm

FS: 32.194 hz 

SD: 49.087m

MD: 320.0 g

BL: 33.834

QMS: 2.766

QES: 0.420

QTS: 0.365

SPL: 84.8db

VAS: 24.619

CMS: 71.954

MMS: 339.653g

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